This is a blog on slow, small and quiet Paris. You are invited to walk, stroll, saunter through the City of Lights with me. (Runners might prefer the homepage of the Paris Marathon. Fans of “Paris in two hours”, big, box-ticking groups and free or almost free tours: wrong page, sorry!)

I have started this website to point out often overlooked Paris details: facets or landmarks, movie locations or personal favorite places, the Eiffel Tower’s oldest friend, the Luxor Obelisk’s side-line employment, good – and affordable! – food, modern restaurants, traditional bistrots, restaurant terraces on the banks of the Seine, very expensive bars and silent places to relax your brain and feet.

After the highlights, there is so much Paris left to be discovered.  Historical traces or marks left by kings, queens, artists, famous exhibitions, famous films. Woody Allen, Édith Piaf, Quentin Tarantino, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Lady Gaga, George Gershwin, Marlene Dietrich, Johnny Depp, Coco Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, …

I am Regine Zweifel, private tour guide and interpreter. Paris is my passion and I love  to share it. http://www.paristouring.com